Do Snakes Make Good Pets?

Do Snakes Make Good Pets?
It's mostly inexplicable to some, but a few people swear by snakes being the best pets on the planet. Let's see how true this is below. The ages old question whether snakes could replace your hamster, cat, or dog is given a two-sided look in this read. If you're currently thinking about owning a snake, read this carefully.

Snakes are allegedly calmer than other pets
Docility of snakes make them good pets to some owners, but the tendency of them remaining calm is another thing altogether. There's an inclination snakes have to be disloyal, particularly when they're hungry, but the line remains blurred among lovers and haters of snakes as pets.

Snakes are affordable to own and maintain
Due to their unfavorable status in the society today, getting a snake as a pet could be cheaper than getting a dog. Also, it's easier to manage their feeds and get them accustomed to your environment.

Venomous snakes can't be owned by regular people
There are regulations guarding against non-professional handlers from owning venomous snakes, so you don't have much to worry about.

Snakes have distinct colors and streamlined movements that appeal to their owners, but there're some downsides to owning a snake. Here are some of the major reasons why it isn't the best to have a snake in your home.

Snakes could carry salmonella into your home
Snakes are natural couriers of salmonella, so hand washing and proper hygiene should be the order in your home while they're around.

They could scare the living daylight out of your family/friends
Apart from other things, it's a sure thing that a friend who hasn't noticed you've got a snake could get the fright of their lives seeing it in your home.

They get confused at times
Based on the poor sight of most snakes, they rely mostly on their sense of smell to identify objects. If you've just handled snake feed or a rodent, your snake could take your arm for food and take a quick bite. To avoid this, you're advised to wash your hands immediately after handling snake feed and your furry pets.

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